Frequently Asked Questions

Gaafia means “let us go to the market”. Gaafia is a fair priced wholesale farmers market where you can get your food stuff direct from the farmer, shop bulk produce or share with your family and friends or the public.

Afia means market. However, in,  Afia is the word used to share food items. The Afia- share button allows you to split the cost of the produce with other people, that way you can pay a fraction of the total cost, for example, you can buy a basket of tomatoes and share with 4 people, everyone pays their share and it is delivered to their doorstep.

Pick a food item, click on the Afia-share button, choose the number of shares required, pay for your share and invite the number of people you want to share with. 

You can share your Open Afia with family and friends via whatsapp but it will also go live on the Deal section where anyone on the platform can join the deal. Afia deals last only 72 hours/3 days.

Afia-share only goes live when the first share of the payment is made.*

A private Afia enables you to buy and share bulk food items with people you know privately, you can all shop together and create as many Afia's you like to share. 

Afia-share only goes live when the first share of the payment is made. *

We deliver in 12-48 hours after payment is completed. Gaafia is only available in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria currently, while we work on developing other locations.

We will deliver your shared afia to you, as long as payment has been made.

Yes, to shop out rightly, just click add to cart on any of the products and check out as you would on any other e-commerce platform.

No, not all produce can be shared. Those that can be shared would carry the Afia-share button but those that cannot be shared would not carry that button.

The maximum number of shares is 10 Parts, however for Private Afia, it is 10, for Open Afia, it is determined by the Farmer/Vendor.

No, all orders are prepaid.

Absolutely! At Gaafia, we expect you to return food items you are not satisfied with.  However, we expect a complaint while signing off at delivery or at most 2 hours after delivery. Please note we do not accept returns on perishables after signing off(accepting) on your delivery.

If a farmer sold bad produce, perishable or otherwise, Gaafia would handle the issue in following order; the farmer would,  

1) Be sanctioned or suspended from selling on the platform

2) Replace the produce in question

3) Gaafia would refund money paid for the goods.

Yes, you can. There is a rating system in place to check the farmers and the quality of produce sold on the platform. Ratings are used to grade each farm vendor. 

 Please kindly send us your suggestions to help us serve you better.